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Hello friend!!

      My name is Lindsay Kate and I am so glad that you are interested in being a rep for my business!

     I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 20 years old, raised in the boro, and absolutely love what I do. I am striving towards my goals daily and soon, you may get the chance to help me out! Along with photography I am a HUGE animal lover.. I mean huge. If a dog is near me, prepare for lots of baby talk and uncontrollable happiness. I have two cats that I bottle fed and couldn't part ways with, who are my literal children. I have rescued many animals and want to open up my own rescue in the future. I have an amazing family that is so supportive in what I do. Within this year you will not only have me as a photographer, but also a friend. I love that this job allows me to form such awesome friendships with every client.

As a LK rep, you will have a few guidelines that must be followed or you will be removed from my team.

  1. When you sign this contract you sign that you will represent me and only me, no other photographers will capture your senior year.

  2. You will stay involved, you are being chosen from a group because I have hope that you will be an amazing addition to my team.

  3. If any rules are broken you will be removed immediately with no refunds. I value each girl on my team and want everyone to love their experience equally.


  5. No editing my work in any form.

  6. Now that all of the seriousness is out of the way, lets have an amazing year!!

This year we will have so much fun. I want to keep everyone involved, have monthly dinners, group sessions, and lots of growth. I plan to have a lot of styled sessions through the year. With that being said, the more involved, the more you will get out of your time as an LK rep. Every session that you help out with, 10 dollars will be given to you. This only applies to senior sessions. 

There will be a rep fee of $350 which includes your senior session, a t-shirt, rep cards, and SO many free sessions through the year. After the $350 is paid, there will not be another fee from you the entire year, unless more t-shirts are made that you would like to purchase, or if the venue you choose for your senior session requires a fee!


2020 Rep Interest Meeting on December 4th, 2018.


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