Collaborating With Other Small Businesses

Recently, I have made some awesome new friends by reaching out of my comfort zone. In today's competitive world, so many people are so against community. I have learned so many things through this job, but the biggest one is as long as you are different in what you do, even in the same career YOU CAN WORK TOGETHER. If you are true to yourself and focused on making your brand original, there is room for everyone. Be original, be a community, and help each other out.  There will always be competitors, but find those special people that want to be a community. Build one another up and help them out whenever need be. Life is too short to be the person that doesn't have friends that relate to your everyday life. Be a builder in your community. Build a solid group that can conquer anything and everything. 

Photographers: Lindsay Kate Photography & Meagan Little Photography

Florist: Forage Flower Co.

Models: Jessica Howell & Christin White

Clothing: All Things Rush By Jessica