Top 10 Senior Session Ideas

From personal experience, I want to help you find your perfect style for your senior session. Below are 10 ideas to help you reach a decision in what suits you best! 

1. Downtown. When I ask my clients what fits them best, I try my best to incorporate not only what they say, but as I get to know them I add in more personal locations and scenarios as we go. Below, Olivia is a girl that has just about every style. She sings, plays guitar, is super artsy, and has the urban style. When I asked her what she wanted from her session, she said that she loved the city look, but also wanted a wildflower look. I knew 12 south had almost everything in one. For the wildflowers she wanted, we used Amelia's Flower Truck. We found a bonus location which was a guitar shop to include in her session, as well as just capturing the urban awesomeness that 12 south has.


2. A field. So many people shut down the field look, because they want more than just that in their images. I TOTALLY understand where they are coming from... but.. There is SO much to do with an open field that many may not think of without seeing the images of someone else doing it. I have been in more fields than you can imagine, but somehow I have always made every session so unique and my clients love it. 


3. SUNFLOWERS!! These babies are something to stop and stare at. Yes, Murfreesboro blows up Facebook and Instagram when the time comes every summer.... but you see why. I always limit my clients each year on this, just so everyone doesn't have the same location. They are so pretty and unique.


4. Parking Garage... yep. This idea is one of my personal favorites. You can do so many looks, as well as be the star of the show with the neutral background. I love doing sessions of guys and girls here. 


5. A Vineyard. I LOVE vineyard sessions. SO many things you can do.... and everything is so pretty. 


6. A local lake. My personal favorite place to go is Long Hunter State Park. Another location with so many options. 


7. A corn field... Yes you read it right!! If you are a lover of fall, a corn field is an awesome idea that is different than the normal senior session you will see. It is super neutral, so any outfit will look great.


8. THE FAIR. Seriously one of the cutest ideas for a senior session. So much color, and so many cool picture opportunities!


The laundry mat!! I love this idea so much!


10. And last but not least... the gulch! Another Nashville hotspot, but it is so different than the rest. You can get the colorful walls you want, still get the urban downtown feel, but a different feel.