What inspires me?

     What inspires me? Well, people do. My job revolves around finding every clients specific style, which can be a challenge with knowing so little about someone, but the challenge is what I love. Being in Middle Tennessee, where there are more photographers than you can keep up with, you have to be different. You have to stand out, and catch your perspective clients eye. Marketing, and improving inspire me. Striving to get better every single day. That is the goal. 

      I love the challenge of achieving every single one of my clients styles in their session, while still maintaining my personal style in my images. Why? Because that is how I have gotten to where I am. I do not stick to the normal nor do I do what others tell me I should. I like finding my own way. Yes, criticism and help is always taken into consideration... but I still make my way work. With so many other photographers, you cannot be the same. Why? because you will be put to the side and NEVER stand out, nor progress in your business.

     When booking my sessions, I ask what looks the client likes. Cityscape or outdoors? We go from there on style and from then on they choose most of what they want. Locations, outfits, etc. because I love for my clients to be comfortable and themselves. I help them pose, but as the session goes on, I let them start moving around more on their own (this may sound crazy... but if you ask my clients they will agree.) When I do this, their true self comes out. The laughs, the serious faces, and the amazing smiles. Why do I not plan poses and such? My business runs off of catching the authentic moments of each and every one of my clients. This isn't very common I would say, just due to other photographers knowing amazing poses that capture their clients beauty (which is amazing, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with it),  but going back to what I said... I am different and love the authentic moments. I love the candids. I love being goofy and catching my client laughing at my awkward moments. I like being personal. I also love getting to know each client on that personal level, to where when we leave, we are friends. 

      As my journey in this business has progressed, I have gotten more inspired by the amazing clients that have come to me, and I hope to forever continue doing what I absolutely love.